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I am a musician currently residing in Los Angeles, CA, where I compose and teach music. One of my main projects is morningtime, where I write relaxing, instrumental music. I have over 400,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and have been featured in Spotify's lofi beats editorial playlist! I am also a multi-instrumentalist and producer with alternative R&B trio, Fortuno

Outside of my compositions, I teach piano, guitar, music theory, and music production. Since I began teaching, I have been continually refining my teaching method, always putting my students' needs first. I see my students as companions in music discovery and strive to cultivate a collaborative, joyful environment for musicians at all levels and ages. In 2020, the pandemic forced lessons to go online so I've become well versed in the online setting. Now, I can accept clients anywhere in the world! I continue to teach in person in Los Angeles area. I have formal training in music composition, piano, guitar, and voice from Bowdoin College.

When I am not making music or teaching, you can probably find me playing chess, rock climbing, or in the kitchen making smoothies.

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